C-MOLD 2000.7

Platform: Solaris
Category: Discipline Specific > Plastics

Plastic molding simulation software


C-MOLD is a set of integrated computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulations for plastics molding processes, including injection molding filling, post-filling and cooling, and part shrinkage and warpage; co-injection molding; gas-assisted injection molding; reactive molding; blow molding; and thermoforming.

C-MOLD provides solutions in all stages of design and manufacturing to improve productivity and enhance part quality. Key features include a Motif graphical user interface; a sophisticated geometry modeler and finite-element mesher tailored to plastics applications; seamless integration with major CAD and structural CAE applications; a polymer database containing over 11,000 materials; CAE analyses that provide critical information for optimizing part, mold, and process design in plastics molding operations; and an easy-to-use data visualizer for viewing mesh information and analysis results.

C-MOLD Modeler and C-MOLD Visualizer are powerful CAE tools, developed specifically for the plastics industry. C-MOLD Modeler is a geometric modeler and finite-element mesher. C-MOLD Modeler, along with C-MOLD Process Estimator, provide the tools with which to build a design, in preparation for C-MOLD molding simulation. A full-featured finite-element mesh and data viewer, C-MOLD Visualizer provides the tools with which to display and interpret the results of the simulation.

Executable Path: /usr/site/bin/cmold

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Can be run from any  Solaris PC that is configured as an AFS client
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Can be run from any  Windows, Linux, or Mac PC using an XServer application.
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