Moldflow 5.0

Platform: Solaris
Category: Discipline Specific > Plastics

Part and mold design simulation software


The Moldflow Plastics Insight suite of software is the world's leading product for the in-depth simulations to validate part and mold design. Companies around the world have chosen Moldflow's solutions because they offer:

  • Unique, Patented Fusion Technology
    MPI/Fusion, which is based on Moldflow's patented Dual Domain™ technology, allows you to analyze CAD solid models of thin-walled parts directly, resulting in a significant decrease in model preparation time. The time-savings allow you to analyze more design iterations as well as perform more in-depth analyses.
  • Powerful Workflow and Productivity Tools
    The user-friendly environments in MPI employ visualization and project management tools that allow you to undertake extensive design analysis and optimization. After your analyses are complete, you can produce detailed, Web-ready design reports quickly and easily.
  • Proven Solutions for all Types of Applications
    Moldflow's analysis products can simulate plastics flow and packing, mold cooling, and part shrinkage and warpage for thermoplastic injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding, co-injection molding and injection-compression molding processes. Additional modules simulate reactive molding processes including thermoset and rubber injection molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), structural reaction injection molding (SRIM), resin transfer molding, microchip encapsulation and Underfill (flip-chip) encapsulation.
  • The World's Best 3D Solution
    Using a proven solution technique based on a solid tetrahedral finite element volume mesh, MPI/3D allows you to perform true 3-dimensional flow simulations on parts that tend to be very thick and solid in nature as well as those that have extreme changes from thin to thick.
  • The Widest Range of Supported Geometry Types
    Moldflow's MPI technology can be used on all CAD model geometry types, including traditional midplane models, wire frame and surface models, thin-walled solids and thick or difficult-to-midplane solids. Regardless of your design geometry, you can accomplish simulation tasks in an easy-to-use, consistent, integrated environment that works with your model.
  • Unsurpassed Network Computing Options
    Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) has been developed with network computing environments in mind. For example, users can run MPI/Synergy, the pre- and post-processor, on user-friendly Windows PC while running the analysis solvers on powerful UNIX workstations. Users can also take advantage of a distributed computing environment from within MPI and assign analyses to run on whatever network computers are available at any given time.

Executable Path: /usr/site/bin/moldflow

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