Platform: Solaris
Category: Applications > Mail / News Reader

Mailbox utility


Newmail is a program to allow monitoring of mailboxes in an intelligent fashion. It is based loosely on biff(1) and the version of newmail that was distributed with Elm 1.7. The basic operation is that the program will check the list of specified mailboxes each interval seconds and will list any new mail that has arrived in any of the mailboxes, indicating the sender name, and the subject of the message.

Executable Path: /usr/local/bin/newmail

Available to:
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Installed in the following computing labs:
Installed in the following classrooms:
AFS client:

Can be run from any  Solaris PC that is configured as an AFS client
Remote Access:

Can be run from any  Windows, Linux, or Mac PC using an XServer application.
Installation CD available in Library to Students and Faculty only:
  • No
Download Filesize:
Not available for download.