OpenGL 1.1.1

Platform: Solaris
Category: Developer Tools > Programming

Programming language


OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a specification defining a cross-language cross-platform API for writing applications that produce 3D computer graphics (and 2D computer graphics as well). The interface consists of over 250 different function calls which can be used to draw complex three-dimensional scenes from simple primitives. It is very popular in the video games industry where it competes with Direct3D (on Microsoft Windows) (see Direct3D vs. OpenGL). OpenGL is widely used in CAD, virtual reality, scientific visualisation, information visualisation and video game development.

Executable Path: /afs/cad/solaris/opengl/lib

Available to:
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Installed in the following computing labs:
Installed in the following classrooms:
AFS client:

Can be run from any  Solaris PC that is configured as an AFS client
Remote Access:

Can be run from any  Windows, Linux, or Mac PC using an XServer application.
Installation CD available in Library to Students and Faculty only:
  • No
Download Filesize:
Not available for download.