Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3.0 (PTC)

Platform: Solaris
Category: Discipline Specific > Finite Element Analysis

CAD software


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is setting a new standard for product design and development solutions delivering dramatic increases in personal and process productivity.

  • Personal Productivity: As engineers and engineering managers strive to cope with deadlines that are becoming increasingly tighter, individual productivity becomes a major priority. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire sets a new standard for ease of use with the Wildfire User Model, enabling users to access Pro/ENGINEER's unmatched depth, breadth, and performance capabilities through an easy-to-use CAD interface that truly maximizes personal productivity.
  • Process Productivity: Communication is increasingly critical throughout product development as companies' design and manufacturing locations become more dispersed through globalization, mergers and acquisition activity, and outsourced product development and manufacturing. With a full range of associative CAD, CAM, and CAE applications, Pro/ENGINEER ensures the seamless flow of digital product information throughout the engineering process and across the value chain. Furthermore, with the revolutionary incorporation of Web services into the underlying architecture of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, users can seamlessly extend the flow of information far beyond the traditional, co-located cross-functional teams to include geographically dispersed customers, partners, and suppliers.

Executable Path: /usr/site/bin/proewildfire

Available to:
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Installed in the following computing labs:
Installed in the following classrooms:
AFS client:

Can be run from any  Solaris PC that is configured as an AFS client
Remote Access:

Can be run from any  Windows, Linux, or Mac PC using an XServer application.
Installation CD available in Library to Students and Faculty only:
  • No
Download Filesize:
Not available for download.