GTS Framework

Platform: Windows
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GTS framework provides the base environment for the GTS simulation tools including project organization, structure generation and visualization of the results.


With this software, one can design semiconductor devices like MOSFET, BJT. Sub 25 nm MOSFET devices may be simulated to show its characteristics for studying the feasibility of such devices in following scaling laws. This is very beneficial for the microelectronic industry for continuing Moore’s law for achieving lower chip cost and higher performance.

By changing the physical parameters of the device, e.g. gate length, doping and even device structure, one can analyze the device.

GTS structure tool in GTS framework provides, 1D/2D/3D structure generation tool , database of device templates, Automatic mesh generation and refinement (structured and unstructured 2D and 3D grids)

GTS Vision tool in GTS framework provides, Scientific visualization modules for all gTs tools , Extensible display modes for sophisticated data representation, Import and export of 2D-plots and section planes, User-defined data process.

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