MikesBikes 2004

Platform: Windows
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Simulation software


SmartSims business simulations are state of the art internet-based, business learning simulations that have been very successfully used in: Business Strategy/Capstone, General Business, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Marketing and Advertising Courses, along with extensive use in Professional Certification Courses for Accountants on a worldwide basis, for more than 9 years. Our original simulation, MikesBikes-Advanced, is used in Business Strategy/Capstone, General Business, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, and Professional Certification Course for Accountants. It is also as the foundation program for a min-MBA Corporate Training Program worldwide.

By simulating a bike industry with market segments, distributors and firms, and incorporating all the functions of a business such as Marketing, Advertising, Product Development, Pricing Production, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Human Resources, Expense Control and Funds Allocation, MikesBikes-Advanced is extremely broad-based and all-encompassing. It can, on the other hand, be adapted to support the teaching of a broad array of business related disciplines and topics, particularly at the advanced level of instruction. MikesBikes-Advanced helps Instructors bring business concepts and theories to life in an engaging and fun way. It is supplemental to classroom lectures and use of textbooks, similar to workshops and case studies making teaching easier for faculty and learning more engaging for students.

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