Creo 7.0 (PTC)

Platform: Windows
Category: Applications > Drawing

3D CAD Software

Creo is a new approach to 3D CAD software announced in October 2010 by PTC

Until now, software for designing products like cars, printers, water coolers, industrial machinery, and even shoes, hasn't changed significantly in decades. Oh, processor speeds are faster and graphics are sexier, but the software paradigm is largely unchanged. Complex and specialized, 3D CAD often requires engineers and designers to be experts in the parametric approach to CAD software.

You might think someone would have created an easier CAD system over the years. In fact, they did. That's where direct modeling came in during the late 90s. Without history trees, an inexperienced designer could use this technology to create and change a model faster and more easily.

But there were tradeoffs and camps formed. Product developers had to pick a team: Parametric or direct? Power or flexibility? Intelligence or malleability?

Some sat the whole game out; they stuck with 2D rather than abandon years of drawings that were working just fine thank you.

PTC's Creo approach is revolutionary because you no longer have to make these tradeoffs. We've taken the best of all these technologies, made them compatible with each other, and then sliced them into apps so any user in the product development cycle can use just the design software needed.

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